Apps? welcome ho-me!

Some invocations

  • Ask AWS Cloud Quiz
  • Alexa, launch a.i. facts
  • more to come...


a place for all the applications build by rbashish from Google Actions to Alexa Skills app. This place give you an app home.

Actions on Google

After getting the idea, I thought of preparing something for which I have prepared and rest assured it came out well with Actions on Google. Due to it's mobile presence I think it will get the success along with Google Home.


This was the first in the field of app invocations. Getting to know about deploying lamdba functions and creating an app was a much better experience. /p>


How could I forget this? No, I can't! Learning to build android app without any knowlege and experience and stucking to the laptop for almost a day was like pure nerd.

Still Engaging

Though everything is basic but yes they are great and works well. As every expert was once a beginner. The list will go on...

List of apps

Ready to start exploring?

Find the right app for your needs and start exploring. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or ideas, I'm just an email away contact here.

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